Smoking causes cancer
Smoking causes cancer

No matter the new health innovations that nutritional expert can put out there, the only viable way to maintain one’s health is through natural means.
Diseases like malignant tumors that are preventable, cost people and governments billions of money to battle it. Many people have lost their lives or loved ones and blighting others with disabilities. It never has to always be like that. You can change this by embracing a more natural lifestyle. You can take up a health survey as an example of 153 adults in 2009.

This European Prospective Investigation took 153 volunteers who followed four pillars of living healthy. They never got fat or smoked; they ate healthily and exercised — eventual results, 80% less chance of having chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. They had a 92% lower risk of getting diabetes as compared to people who never followed the health advice given.
They also had an 81% lower chance of getting a heart attack.
These results only portray that prevention and living healthy are the most natural ways to live a healthy life. To craft some natural ways to live healthy, here are some top Natural Options for Your Better Health.

Don’t use tobacco
Tobacco has been for many years linked with cancer,-causing the various cancer types like throat, bladder, kidney, cervix, mouth, and lung cancer.
Pancreas and oral cavity cancer have been linked to chewing tobacco. You don’t have to be a smoker, even secondary smokers are prone to lung cancer.
The statics say that people who do not smoke who suffer long-term exposure to second-hand smoke have a 20 to 30 percent higher risk of developing other respiratory related illnesses besides lung cancer. So it is advisable to distance yourself from smoking as much as possible. 

Eat a healthy diet
Berries and fruits are among the favorite healthy and natural foods. It is not an overwhelming fact, since they have incredible taste. The fruits are to combine with other diets; they are simple to prepare or do not even require preparing at all. You can have grapes, bananas, cherries, kiwi, mangoes, lemons, olives, pears, melons, pineapples, and peaches. Despite having too many calories and fat, seeds and nuts are the best natural foods to eat. They are crunchy and loaded with vital nutrients that are not available in most inorganic food products. Nuts and seeds are full of Vitamin E and magnesium. Vegetables are the source of the most natural nutrients. It is vital to include vegetables like broccoli, kales, carrots, and cabbages in your diet daily. They are best eaten raw to get natural nutrients. Vegetables are rich in vitamin k, fiber, and vitamin C.

Get Screened Regularly
Staying or living healthy is not only centered on being active and what food you eat daily. It also includes getting screened to discover potential diseases hard to deal with if not earlier detected.

With the rise of cancer, you must always visit a doctor once or twice a year for general screening. It is not only about testing but also getting vaccinated is equally important as exercise and food. Being up to date with recommended vaccinations will help prevent the different debilitating illness that can be deadly if not vaccinated.

Regular health checkups are real life savers. Managing and knowing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are essential to preventing heart disease risk. Screening of cancer and being detected at an earlier stage has proven to help eliminate it effectively.

You need to be active for 30 minutes
All physical activity forms protect one against weight increase and some cancers too.
Practitioners advise that you need to do moderate activities such as brisk walking. Brisk walking typically means trekking as if you are going somewhere, and you are getting late.
With the improvement of fitness; you need to do moderate activities for about an hour. Alternatively, you could do vigorous activities for about thirty minutes.
This should be unequivocal daily.

Salt consumption has to be limited
To prevent cancer, doctors recommend that processed food for eating that has interpolated salt should be lesser than 2400mg of sodium daily.
Cancer, and cardiovascular-related problems such as heart attack and hypertension, can be prevented in adults by limiting their sodium consumption to about 1200 and 1500 mg of sodium, depending on their age. That is to imply people within the age bracket of 19 to 50 must consume about 1500 or fewer milligrams of sodium. Those above that age bracket should cut it to less than 1300mg.

You need to get nutritional needs via food alone

No supplements! Should you consume supplements to prevent cancer, you might get adverse effects that you never saw coming. The complete nourishment’ source is food and never dietary supplements.
Another suspect has also fortified food that started way back in 1988 in the
US. By then, every meal that was processed was fortified using the oat bran.
Never fall for this because it is just a mere marketing trick that turns lousy
food to a whole free Crisco.
Ironically and interestingly, foods that do not have right for you or fortified labels are the only ones that genuinely and perfectly healthful foods. Yes,
those meek fruits, green beans, and those lowly vegetables need to be your
best friend. They wealthily process every virtual nutrient that your body requires an amazingly it’s never at potentially artificially high levels.

In a summing up statement, you need to consume your vegetables, limit salt,
lose weight, and cut out refined carbs and on fatty products. Exercise every
day, and don’t smoke. These are some ways that prevent cancer, and it
works! By practicing these tips it is highly ascertained that cancer risks come 2030 will have significantly dropped.
Studies profoundly affirm that via our lifestyle and food choices, we
unequivocally possess the potential to make significant impacts on cancer
risks that we get to face. Having said that, it is with due hope that you loved the piece and it helped you. Have a cancer-free life!






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